Friday, January 1, 2010

On the anniversary of my mother's death

Jane's high school portrait
Windsor School

Today marks the anniversary of my mother's death by suicide, over 30 years ago. I pay tribute to her and continue to honor her memory by doing my best to embrace life and live fully, slaying demons along the rocky, sparkly-glorious way. Let there be hope for all those suffering, all those considering ending their own lives now or in the past. I hope you choose life. Go where the love is.
Jane on Commando, jumping
10 years before I was born

About my mother's high school portrait:  Windsor School. All girls. Bostonian blueblood prep. She was so full of promise. Troubled, yes. Also a crack photographer, killer field hockey player, a graceful equestrian, and played Creon -- interestingly, andrognynously -- in the school production of Antigone. I still miss you, Ma.

And so ends another holiday season, which for me -- and I know for many other people who suffered or suffer difficult family relationships, history, or have none -- brings pain. We have made it through. We have triumphed. Let the rest of the year be about celebrating life.